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Headstones, commonly called grave markers, tombstones, gravestones or sometimes a family memorial, is what is made for typically a single to two person grave...

Monuments, also known as family memorials, due to their large size can accommodate large etchings, carvings, bas reliefs, personal quotes/wording.

Custom work can be done on a single headstone all the way up to the most complicated mausoleum order.........

Welcome to Monumental Art Works

Headstone Company in Chicago

For several decades Viktor has been servicing the Chicago, IL and Indiana areas for timeless classical granite sculptures. In 2010,Etching_Momandbaby Viktor and his daughter Olga opened Monumental Art Works to include other custom granite and bronze memorials that are as unique and special as the people they represent. Since we are a boutique company, we take the time to get to know each and every one of our families so we can create an honorable tribute your loved one. With Viktor’s expert eye and extraordinary vision, we are the only company in the Midwest that can create custom works with unmatched service and price!

Our company is considered one of the best in the memorialization business due to the high standards of quality, professionalism and moral conduct we provide to each customer. We understand the emotional aspect of this process and we strive to make this as smooth and comfortable for you and your family as we can. Our craftsmen and designers are here to meet your personalized needs so you can rest assured that what you will get is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Cemeteries in Chicago and other Illinois and Indiana communities have certain guidelines, rules and regulations for the use of raised family memorials, upright granite monuments, flat and lawn level markers, mausoleums, headstones, bronze markers and tombstones.

Please feel free to call us at 708-389-3038 for help in picking out what is allowed in your respective cemetery. We handcraft single grave markers, individual markers, single flat markers, companion markers, bevel top markers, slant face markers, infant and child markers, single grave monuments, two grave monuments, family monuments, single mausoleums, private mausoleums, family mausoleums, granite benches, upright monuments, bronze memorials, bronze plaques, veteran memorials and pet memorials.

We never source our work out and do all the craftsmanship in house! We custom create, design, etch, carve and fabricate all of our headstones, tombstones, flush markers, grave stones, upright monuments, sculptures and etchings in our Blue Island, IL shop.

Our stones are hand picked and have a 1000 years stone rating.

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