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Flush Marker
A flush marker lays flush with the ground and comes in various sizes, ranging from a baby flush (1-6×0-10×0-4) to double grave flush markers (4-0x1-0x0-4). Most Midwest cemeteries accept these stones for a one grave memorial. These markers are polished on the top and smooth sawn on the sides.
Bevel Headstone

Certain sections of particularly older cemeteries will accept a bevel on a single or two grave plot. These stones are polished on the top and rocky (BRP) on the sides. The back of the bevel headstone is raised 8″ high and the front is lowered 6″ for easy readability.

Slant Marker

Certain privately or corporate owned cemeteries will allow a slant on a single or two grave plot. Sometimes they will even allow a base to go underneath for added height, but that depends on cemetery rules and regulations. A slant is sometimes considered like a small monument. The face of the slant is polished, the nosing on the front/sides and top of the slant are rocky (BRP) and the back of the slant is smooth sawn. The steep slanted surface of this memorial makes it very easy for readability from an ever further distance than a bevel and it stands 1ft 4in from the ground.


There are endless ways to create a customized monument. Whether it is finishes, sizes or colors, the choices are endless. In order to create the best memorial for you, please set up an in-store consultation to discuss your ideas as well as cemetery regulations in your given section.