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Some of our Products and Services

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Monuments, commonly called family memorials, upright monuments or upright memorials are typically made for a single burial and up to 4-10 graves...
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Headstone, commonly called grave marker, memorial stone, tombstone, grave stone or grave marker, is typically made for a single to two people grave...
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Bronze Headstone
How Bronze Headstones Are Made - The process of making a bronze headstone can be broken down into five steps - Please read further for more info...
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Granite Colors
With all of the different colors of granite that we offer, we are sure to find exactly what you want for you monument.
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Memorial Formats
There are four primary formats to choose from for your hMemorial. Those formats are Flush markers, Bevel markers, Slant markers and Monuments...
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Art In Stone
See a brilliant VUAM collection of Monumental Art Works' in house sculptor, Viktor. Works in this section are inspired by underwater explorers and was featured on the ground of GOOGLE's headquarters in California.

Our Sculptor, Viktor, Carving Granite

Our Sculptor, Viktor, Hand Etching a Custom Image

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