Jun 9
Hans and Lotte Haas
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The third sculpture to be featured in the Vuam series is that of Hans and Lotte Haas.   Hans and Lotte Haas were a husband and wife team who created over a hundred underwater films and documentaries.  Hans spent most of the time behind the camera and Lotte spent most of the time in front of it.  Both were pioneers in underwater documentary film making and were great rivals with the famed Jacques Cousteau. The Vuam series is currently in California and has been featured on the grounds of the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Viktor the sculptor lives and works…
Jun 1
Lloyd Bridges
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A few years back, Monumental Art Works' sculptor, Viktor, created a series of large busts carved from granite focused on ocean pioneers and explorers.  The name of the series is called Vuam.  The second sculpture to be featured  in our Vuam series is Lloyd Bridges.  That's right, Lloyd Bridges from great comedies such as AIRPLANE!, was also an advocate for the American Oceans Campaign, Heal the Bay and other Aquatic environmentalism.  Viktor the sculptor lives and works out of the South side of Chicago. If you are more interested in learning more about Lloyd Bridges, follow this link to his wiki page:…