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Bronze Headstones provide a unique and personalized option for monuments

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How Bronze Headstones Are Made

The process of making a bronze headstone can be broken down into five steps:

1. Casting the bronze plaque. Initially, a bronze plaque is created, complete with lettering. During smelting, bronze bars (ingots) are heated to approximately 1742 degrees.

2. Once the bronze has cooled, it shrinks a bit and then is removed from the mold.

3. The third step is “chasing” the plaque. This refers to the sanding of the bronze to remove any undesirable marks and prepare the surface area for the patina.

4. Putting the patina on the bronze is the fourth phase of the creation process. The patina is the finished color. Arriving at this final color involves three steps.

a. First, the bronze plaque is applied with several coats of oxidation (paint).

b. Excess oxidation will then be removed from the letters and sculpted designs using a special solvent to reveal the natural patina of the bronze.

c. After completion, a lacquer coating is applied to all bronze headstones for maximum protection, durability and beauty.

d. The choice of colors are: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Rose Red, Emerald Green, Black & Velvet

5. Finally, the bronze headstone plaque is ready to be mounted to a granite base called Bronze Backer, which is included in our final price.

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