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19 Apr, 2014. 0 Comments. . Posted By: admin

Olga made a bold decision in the Spring of 2010 to transition from a corporate career in account management to starting a manufacturing facility with her father. In one of the most difficult economic climates and with plenty of competition, Viktor and Olga set out to bring top of the line artistry and competitive pricing to the memorial market.

With Olga’s marketing and advertising background, she noticed that the Midwest monument companies were overlooking the most important aspect of the memorial sale – the customer! Many times the families would come in to a store and be told that they can only have the cookie cutter products and have to pay an arm and a leg for it too. Olga knew that her company’s overhead would be small, so instead of setting the prices as high as her competitors, she decided to pass on the savings to the customer by keeping the cost low while still maintaining high quality products and service.

Years later, Monumental Art Works still stands by this principle and has created happier customers than any other headstone and monument shop in the area!

Olga worked in prestigious marketing firms such as NSA Media and Centiv Inc. Although the companies provided a great foundation for entrepreneurial skills and account management, the fulfillment wasn’t there. Interpersonal relations and customer focus was always one of Olga’s passions and working with families at Monumental Art Works provides the outlet for her creativity to grow.

“Each family trusts my judgment and design skills that I’ve been working so hard to develop through the years of study and research. People feel a sense peace once the headstone or monument is put in place and that kind of satisfaction is hard to come by in any other business.”

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